Main Reasons for Decrease of Horse Racing Fields

There has been a substantial decline in the horse racing field sizes in the last six decades due to some reasons. Some people may think it’s all the same no matter the field size. However, the field size is extremely significant in the racing industry. Why? This is because it has a direct impact on the handle. Any considerable decline in the handle causes a subsequent decrease in the purses. Low purses are not attractive to any horse owner. Many horse owners are discouraged and do not breed as many horses as they would if the purses were higher. People do not bet that much when the horse field size is small. On the contrary, in races with larger field sizes, people bet on a number of racing horses instead of just one. The reasons for the decline of horse racing differ from one region to another, but some still stand out in all areas.

The first reason is the loss of interest. A large number of people no longer pay substantial attention to racing. The rapid urbanization and innovations in technology have made salisbury races tickets many horse lovers throw the interest out of the window for better hobbies and white-collar jobs. Horse racing is a sport that is inherited rather than taught. Those people who had the skill about horse thorough breeding are already in other fields of work. As a result, fewer people are breeding horses, and even those who are breeding them have no right skill to do it properly. Secondly, people no longer bet on horses during races as much as they used to. The inventions in the last six decades have driven for the rise of many more exciting ways of gambling. A decrease in the handle has also reflected a decline in the purses. Considerably low purses have continued to discourage many people from breeding horses. Therefore, few people are through breeding horses hence fewer horses in a racing field.

Another reason for the decline in size of the horse racing fields is the diluted genetics. The constant thorough breeding of horses has resulted in horses which are not as strong as the real breeds, six decades ago. They no longer have the same endurance and performance levels. Today’s horses are more prone to health related issues. Some have problems with endurance especially in relatively long races. No matter how much you train these horses, they’ll never measure up to the standard required performance for horse racing fields.

These reasons, in one way or another, can be modified to increase horse racing fields. We should incorporate back the culture of horse racing in our routines. We should look for ways to boost this equestrian sport that has been present for centuries. A decline in horse racing fields is a direct reflection of our loss of interest in the sport. It is high time we start taking interest in horse racing again, if not for the sake of our ancestors, then for the exhilarating experience.